Glossary of computer terms, hopefully useful to ROTI members

Glossary of Common Computer Terms

This is small selection of some of the more common words and acronyms you may come across on the internet, as well as some common emoticons (also known as "smileys").

Computer Terms & Acronyms

ASCII a standard character set used by computers
Browser a computer program which enables you to access web sites, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera...
Email electronic mail
Flame verbal attack in electronic form
FTP File Transfer Protocol - what enables you to upload and download files on the internet
GIF Graphic Interchange File - one of the three formats for pictures able to be used on websites; the only one which supports animation
HTML HyperText Meta Language - a language that web sites are written in
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol - the set of rules which enable the different types of files on a website (text, graphics, sound, movies etc) to be displayed.
IE (also MSIE) Internet Explorer, Microsoft's web browser
ISP Internet Service Provider - a company which offers email and / or web browsing access
Java A programming language used to create applications and more complicated internet components
JavaScript A programming language (completely unrelated to Java!) which is often used to make web pages more interactive
JPEG (JPG) Joint Photography Experts Group - another common graphics format for pictures on the internet, mainly used for compressing photos to a small size for use on web pages
Listserve An email broadcast subscription service (electronic mailing list you sign up to join), such as the ROTI List Services
Newsgroup An online discussion forum (bulletin board) related to one particular topic, where users can read and post messages
NS Netscape - a web browser that has since been discontinued and replaced by Mozilla
Shouting Typing IN UPPER CASE
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol - what makes email work!
Spamming Repeated sending of the same message for no other reason than to be obnoxious, or the posting of a completely unrelated message such as advertising a product or service
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol - the set of rules that allow computers to communicate over a network
WWW World Wide Web - the internet!


AFAIK as far as I know IIRC if I recall correctly
B4 before LOL lots of laughter
BCNU be seeing you ONO or nearest offer
BFN bye for now ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing
BTW by the way RTFM read the f****** manual
CUL8R see you later TTFN ta-ta for now
FWIW for what it's worth TTYL talk to you later
FYI for your information    

Emoticons ("Smileys")

The "noses" are optional - a smiley can be written as :-) or :) or :~)

grin very big grin
:-) smiley face (to show happiness or that something was meant in a nice way) ;-) wink (can indicate fun)
:-P tongue poking out (can indicate light sarcasm) :-| indifferent / not totally happy
:-> devilish grin (can indicate heavy sarcasm) 8-) smiley with glasses
:-D extremely happy :-O shock or surprise
:-/ perplexed :-S worried
:-( unhappy (can be sadness or displeasure) :'-( crying

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