How to join ROTI

When you join Rotary, you are one of the 1.2 million people dedicated to the needs of helping others through education and health.

When you join ROTI, you become friends with other Rotarians outside your club, district, and country.  For 18 years, ROTIans have shared thoughts throughout over 100 countries and territories about recruiting, grants, travel, and personal stories about their lives.  It has not been all work, there  has been lots of fellowship at Rotary Conventions where ROTIans meet annually and maintan a booth, and in homes of their fellow ROTIans.

Because of the wide variety of interest, we have developed three email groups in order to meet the needs of our membership.

You can join the

ROTI General List -

It contains not only Rotary topics, but banter and light moments.  Any topic is allowed with some oversight by the ROTI Sergeant at Arms. There are usually 30 to 50 messages a day, and can be signficantly more when hot discussions are going.  If the volume is too much for you, you may consider setting your options to receive the daily digest, or read the message via the website instead.

ROTI Serious -

A moderated list that is only for serious topics on Rotary or subjects of important matters for learning and practice.  The list volume is usually 4 to 5 messages a day.

ROTI Tech -

This is where the computer/tablets/cellular phone hardware and software folks not only discuss electronic communications, but also help Rotarians with their electronic communication difficulties.  Think of this list as an in-house IT help desk.  This list receives 2 to 3 messages a day on average.

You can also join our Facebook group, after registration.

Just take your pick, or join more than one.  Read, listen, learn, and share what you want or need to know.

After joining, we are sure you will want to share ROI with your friends.  You really do not want to keep all this to yourself, do you?

Eligible members

  • Rotarians and their spouses
  • Rotaractors


  • Complete the application form in
  • Agree to receive the monthly newsletter - Breadbasket
  • To retain membership, you must go online and update your information yearly, or whenever you change your email address.

Your entry in our database is the validation of your membership. From this database, you will receive official notices and announcements.

Membership to ROTI is free.


WHY JOIN ROTI by Ron Nethercutt, Chair 2007-09

Having been a charter member of ROTI, it gives me great pleasure to write this report for the Fellowship Advancer.  Many changes have been made in technology since the inception of ROTI, and perhaps no other industry has seen more innovation than that of communication.  Being founded in electronic communications, our members have utilized the technology to spread the word of Rotary throughout our global-based membership.

The following comments express the feelings of both recent and long time members of ROTI and range from new Rotarians to DGs and PDGs.  WHAT'S YOURS?

I think that the opportunity to make friends and expand my Rotary world in that way is the greatest benefit of all. - PDG Bob Collins  RC Council Bluffs Centennial  D5650

I just recently discovered ROTI and already have benefited from the open exchange of information.  A referral to Rotary authorize logos not aonly provided the images I needed for our website and printed materials, but also led me to discover the number and variety of RAGS.

Through another ROTI email exchange, I learned of several options for downloading and converting videos, which was quite useful to our club in making a video presentation for new members.

What has most impressed me in the short time I've been following ROTI emails, is the number of ROTI members sharing their similar successes and challenges in Rotary Clubs around the world.

- Linda Catran  RC Calabasas  D250

ROTI  has given my district the opportunity to help those less fortunate thru grants.  We have and are establishing networks, where we can make a difference carry through on the message of TRF on water, literacy and education.  Several Rotary Foundation grants have resulted and more are to come from this fellowship. -  Mac McGee  Galesburg  D6460

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