Rotarians at Work

Four Marks and Medstead Rotary at work in our community

Last April Four Marks and Medstead Rotary became the first Club in RIBI to take part in “Rotarians at Work’, an initiative that one of our members found when he was on a visit to the USA. 

This international programme of community service has been growing over the last decade or so.  On the last Saturday of April each year, Rotarians around the world roll up their sleeves to do something to benefit their local community.

Whilst many clubs help out in many ways in their communities, and have done so for years, we are the first club to bring this Rotarians at Work programme to Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. Many clubs do work but, in the usual British way, very quietly.

We decided to donate a bench in what is to become the village green and to provide two flower beds.

On Saturday 25th at 8am a number of the club turned up to lift turf (and some large stones underneath), prepare the ground and plant a mass of plants and flowers that were donated by a local garden centre.